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General Scooter Books

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1.Lambretta Concessionaires - The Complete Story 1951 to 1971
Lambretta Concessionaires - The Complete Story 1951 to 1971 by Stuart Owen - In 1947 Ferdinando Innocenti introduced the Lambretta motor scooter to the Italian nation. With its economical engine and affordable price it soon to become a huge success as travel across the country’s cities and towns was revolutionised. By 1949 it had landed on British soil, albeit to a rather mixed reception. Despite several attempts to persuade the British public, they just couldn’t warm to the Lambretta like they did with the motorcycle. Undaunted by its failure to take off, a father and son lead business still believed the Lambretta had a future. They took a risk by buying several hundred machines while at the same time securing the concession in to Britain and they never looked back. Formed in 1951, Lambretta Concessionaires set about mobilising the British population with their humble product. Through clever marketing and exemplary after-sales care the nation fell in love with the Lambretta. By the end of the decade it had become the biggest selling two-wheeled vehicle the country had ever seen. During the 1960s the company continued to lead the way within the industry, despite people’s attitudes changing towards the motor car as the desired choice of travel. Still continuing to buck the falling sales trend as a new decade approached it was cruelly taken away from them as the Lambretta unexpectedly ceased production. Over a twenty year period Lambretta Concessionaires undoubtedly changed the lives of the British public for the better. This is their story. Paperback, A4 Format, 180 pages, 310 Colour and Black & White Illustrations. ISBN - 978-0-9957814-0-5 £15.99 plus £3.00 P&P (UK) - £15.99 plus £9.00 P&P (Europe) £15.99 plus £13.50 P&P (Rest of World)
UK, Europe or Rest of World?: UK including Postage £18.99
Europe including P&P £24.99
Rest of World including P&P £29.49

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21st Century Mods
I'm One - 21st Century Mods - Horst A. Friedrichs... This rare Collection of stunning photographs provides a sensitive portrayal of britian's mod community from the past decade and a unique insight into of the diversity ot the contemporary MOD scene. With an introduction by Rob Bailey and an afterword by Paolo hewitt, these picturs could be right out of 1966 in the way they capture the essence of being a MOD. Hard back, 156 pages. Price �19.99 plus Postage.
UK or Rest of World?: UK including P&P £23.50
Europe including P&P £25.99
Rest of World including P&P £27.99

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A-Z of Classic Scooters
The A-Z of Classic Scooters - Hard Back book, Full colour, 196 pages. 25cm x 25cm . As the title suggest a Complete Guide of all makes and models of classic scooters and history of companies which produced them. Execellent reference book. £19.99 plus post and Packaging. UK £3.50, Europe £6.00, Rest of World £10.00.
UK or Rest of World?: UK £19.99 + £3.50 P&P £23.49
Europe £19.99 + £6.00 P&P £25.99
Rest of World £19.99 +£10.00 £29.99

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A-Z of Popular Scooters and Mirco Cars
The A-Z of Popular Scooters & Microcars. By Mike Dan. Paperback + flaps, 256 pages, 250 x 207mm, 441 pictures. Features include, Comprehensive photo recognition guide. Comprehensive specification data. Comprehensive date Listings. Large selection of period adverts and brochure illustrations. Background information on every vehicle featured. Good range of scenic photographs. Written from personal experience of over fifty years. Guide to Period Magazines. Club directory for scooters and microcars. The author is an expert on scooters and microcars. Description An A to Z colour reference book on classic motor scooters and microcars primarily from the 1950s to the 1970s. A hugely entertaining "I was there" account of of the classic scooter and microcar era, this book is highly illustrated and also contains an essential A-Z reference to these fascinating machines. Synopsis This is mainly a photographic reference book to classic scooters and microcars with specification data presented in A to Z order of manufacturer. There are also nostalgic recollections by the author based on ownership and personal experience. In the middle 1950s as a teenager Mike Dan became interested in these then newly-arrived forms of transport. Eventually Mike owned a series of scooters and a microcar. He became involved in Scooter and Microcar Clubs and took part in many local and national sporting events gaining a collection of awards and trophies. In the mid 1980s he had time again to visit many indoor and outdoor classic vehicle shows. Eventually this led to a renewed personal involvement in the restoration of a series of over twenty classic scooters and three classic microcars. This highly entertaining book and reference source is therefore written with the authority of a lifetime enthusiast. Reduced Price £22.99 (plus delivery)
UK or Rest of World?: UK (POST FREE) £22.99
Europe £29.99
Rest of World £32.99

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Complete Spanners Manual Lambretta - Second Edition
NOW SOLD OUT - 3rd Edition coming JUNE/JULY 18 - Updated with all the new tech - WATCH THIS SPACE - The Complete Spanners Manual: Lambretta - Second Edition by Martin 'Sticky' Round. The first edition of the Complete Spanners manual covering Slimstyle Lambretta models has now sold out. Rather than reprint the same version, we have chosen to substantially re-work and improve on the content for this new edition. Complete Rebuild and Restoration on models Now Covered - Li Series 1/2/3 125/150 - TV Series 1/2 175 - SX 125/150/200 - GP/DL 125/150/200 - Indian and Spanish Models - book has now been updated - Totally revised layout. - Over 300 new colour photographs (1000 plus pictures). - More models covered: LI Series-1, LI Series-2 and TV Series-2. - New models thoroughly integrated with original text - not just bolted on. - Updates on the latest technology (suspension, ignition, tubeless wheels etc.) - Technical information from original Innocenti dealer updates. - More component identification and restoration data. - More pages to put it all in! NOW 294 pages....... Price's include Post and Packaging.
Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock

Complete Spanners Manual - First Edition/FREE DVD
Only a couple of copies of the First Edition of The Complete Spanners Manual Lambretta first published in 2003/2004 left now - It's not as updated as the 2nd Edition, but still covers mainly Series 3 models including Spanish and Indian. Price's include Post and Packaging. FREE Lambretta Running Maintenance
UK, Europe or Rest of World?: UK with Lambretta Running Maintenance DVD(2nd class) £19.99
Europe with Lambretta Running Maintenance DVD £27.99
Rest of World with Lambretta Running Maintenance DVD £33.99
UK with Running & Engine Rebuild DVDs £29.99
Europe with Running & Engine Rebuild DVDs £37.99
Rest of World with Running & Engine Rebuild DVDs £43.99

Complete Spanners Manual Lambretta - 2nd Edition with Running Maintenance & Engine Rebuild DVDs
The Complete Spanners Manual: Lambretta - Second Edition by Martin 'Sticky' Round plus both the Lambretta running Maintenance & Engine Rebuild DVDs. Price includes postage. Please note DVDs are in PAL format only, but should work on laptops etc.
Uk or Rest of World?: UK-Spanner Book, plus both DVDS £35.99
Europe-Spanner Book with both DVDS £42.99
Rest of World-Spanner Book with both DVDS £52.99
Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock

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Die Hard Mod
Die Hard Mod by Charlie McQuaker - From Belfast to Brighton Steve has a whole heap of trouble. One perfect summer, Steve the Mod got his kicks with the beautiful but wild Jeanie – now life’s just giving him a right good kicking. Set in the troubled back streets of Belfast and the thrill-seeking underworld of Brighton, ‘Die Hard Mod’ is a fast-paced tale of lust, love, friendship and righteous retribution. Price includes delivery.
UK or Rest of World?: UK including delivery £7.49
Europe including delivery £8.49
Rest of World including delivery £9.49

Click for larger image
Enrico's Vespa - A journey through Europe
“Enrico’s Vespa” is an exciting book for children and a collector’s piece for all parents.Painted by Piaggio Advertisement-Illustrator of the 50's and 60's. With 60 pages, in full colour. Size 30cm x 30cm. Hardcover - Extras including a board game and a cut-out sheet at the end of the book.  English & French (two languages in one edition)   If Piaggio (the Vespa manufacturer) had published a children’s book back in the 50s, it would probably have looked like “Enrico’s Vespa”. Why? Because the prize-winning designer Elena Pongiglione has illustrated this book. She designed most of the official Vespa artwork for Piaggio in the 50s and 60s. Today, deep into the Internet Age and 50 years after the great era of commercial art at Piaggio, this children’s book recaptures the spirit of the legendary Italian scooters. On his father’s Vespa, Enrico sets out on a fantastic tour through Europe. He is joined by his sister Elena, the teddy bear Yo Yo, the cat Minou and the dog Wow Wow. “Enrico’s Vespa” is an exciting book for children and a collector’s piece for all parents. This book also includes a board game and a cut-out sheet for the whole family featuring Enrico and his friends. Prices include P&P.
Uk or Rest of World?: UK including P&P £23.49
Europe including P&P £26.49
Rest of World including P&P £29.49

Frankenstein Scooters to Dracula's Castle
Pre-order now, first 50 copies signed by 'Sticky' - 196 pages - 90 colour pictures - 210mm x 147mm - Soft Back - A scooter travel yarn by Martin 'Sticky' Round'. Available from March 30th 2014 in both paperback and eBook formats - ‘My family don’t do easy. Tracy and I ride vintage scooters: a Maicoletta and a Lambretta respectively, but not standard ones. Ours are unique, radically modified scooters fitted with motorcycle engines. Frankenstein’s monsters, built in a shed. ‘We are riding to Istanbul with our friend Dean on another Lambretta. Doing the trip one-up would be too easy, so his daughter is riding pillion and I’m taking my 11-year old son. ‘Straight to Turkey through Greece would be too easy. Instead we are going via Romania. We’ll stop off at Vlad the Impaler’s house on the way, to see if he can come out to play. I’ll bring a Frisbee…’ *** Sticky is a freelance writer, former editor of Scootering Magazine and best-selling author. This book is more than a travel journal; it’s the insightful out-pouring of a mind that’s been pickled in two-stroke fumes for thirty years. Sex, murder, war, politics and religion – all these are briefly glossed over, before the book moves to more important subjects. How can you cross a continent on a vintage scooter without the wheels falling off; and more importantly, what to do when that happens. Sticky proves that smaller wheels are no hindrance to adventure. In fact they help. Doing this on a motorcycle would be just too easy… Price includes delivery. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Frankenstein-Scooters-to-Draculas-Castle/251978358316742
Postage Uk or Rest of World:

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Friday on my Mind by Don Hughes....
The Mods were undoubtedly the first real multi-culturalists, combining Jamaican Ska, US Soul, British Beat, Pop Art Graphics, French Designs and Italian Suits and Scooters into a sensational style explosion that still reverberates today. They were, quite literally, the heart-beat of Swinging London. Now for the very first time, a working class insider spills the beans on what it was like in the eye of the style storm. A time and a place when a Vespa SS could take you to the centre of everything, to see The Who or The Birds - or a chat with Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Steve Marriott's Small Faces, John Stephen and Eric Clapton. Complete with unseen photos, rare graphics and authentic diary extracts. This book is intensely personal and a generationally epic, a real life QUADROPHENIA, from s man who was actually there...... - 2nd edition - Soft Back, approx 330 pages, A5 size - RRP 13.99 plus P&P.
Uk or Rest of World?: UK including P&P £16.99
Europe £18.99
Rest of World £19.99

Click for larger image
Friday on My Mind Pt2 - Pushin and Shovin
The sequel to "Friday On My Mind" takes the reader through the slow death of the first Mod movement and on into the stranger worlds of the 1970's with Peanuts, Mentals, Fizzy Boys and Punks. Along with the onset of the 1979 Mod Revival our narrator starts to get lost in the quicksand world of drink'n drugs in the 1980's. The true story of how he survived such dangerous times takes us through the last few chapters of the book. Complete with unseen photos the fast moving "Pushin & Shovin" completes a fascinating trip from the very heart of the Swinging Sixties to the start of the 21st century. Available by the end of April - First 50 copies signed by Don himself. Price inclusive of P&P
UK or Rest of World?: UK inclusive of P&P £16.99
Europe inclusive of P&P £18.99
Rest of World inclusive of P&P £20.99

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How to Restore & Maintain Your Vespa
How to Restore & Maintain Your Vespa Motorscooter. Lots of advice and information on maintenance, restoration, performance enhancements, and customization ideas, from Old to New models. of Vespa scooters, plus information on model and company history. Price includes post and packaging.
UK or Rest of the World?: UK including P&P £18.00
Europe including P&P £20.00
Rest of World including P&P £22.00
Customers who ordered this product also bought:

How to Restore Classic Large Frame Vespa Scooters
How to Restore Classic Large Frame Vespa Scooters - Rotary Valve 2-Strokes 1959 to 2008 - Enthusiast's Restoration Manual By Mark Paxton. This book investigates the reality of Vespa restoration in detail. The author strips and rebuilds both large and small frame models in his workshop, outlining common problems and how to address them. Aimed at the do-it-yourself enthusiast and featuring 1100 clear colour photographs, it is an essential step-by step-guide to the complete renovation of your beloved scooter. Features - Real life restoration carried out by the author - Covers areas not found in traditional workshop manuals - Advice on whether to repair, renovate or replace components - Clear, concise text - 1100 full colour photographs - Step by step guidance for those tricky jobs - Advice on parts - Special tools, their purchase, use and alternatives - Advice on what to leave to the professionals - No Vespa owner would want to be without this book - 24.99 includes P&P
UK or Rest of World?: UK including P&P £24.99
Europe including P&P £30.99
Rest of World including P&P £32.99
UK-Book with Vespa Engine Rebuild DVD £34.99
Europe-Book with Vespa Engine Rebuild DVD £41.99
Rest of World-Book with Vespa Engine Rebuild DVD £45.99
Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock

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Innocenti Lambretta Restoration Guide EXPANDED EDITION
NEW Innocenti Lambretta Restoration Guide EXPANDED EDITION. For those who already have the Lambretta Definitive History, you can buy the Restoration Guide Separately. This invaluable book with which to identify and maintain a Lambretta in perfect working order, this guide contains all the information gathered by the author in over 20 years of work in the world of maintenance and spare parts. A technical specification is given for each model and contains identification details, a lay-out with data for painting the different body components, one for the finish of the metallic parts and a section devoted to data for the maintenance of the engine and transmission. Illustrated with numerous pictures and technical drawings, the book is an indispensable instrument for all Lambretta enthusiasts. Size: 25 x 25cm - Pages: 80 - Softbound. RRP is £24.00 POST FREE IN UK ONLY - Price Includes Post and packaging.
UK or Rest of the World?: UK including FREE P&P £24.00
Europe including P&P £28.00
Rest of World including P&P £32.00
UK with Lambretta Running Maintenence DVD £30.00
Europe with Lambretta Running Maintenence DVD £34.00
Rest of World with Lambretta Running Maintenence DVD £37.00

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