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Friday on my Mind.... By Don Hughes

Click for larger image
Die Hard Mod
Die Hard Mod by Charlie McQuaker - From Belfast to Brighton Steve has a whole heap of trouble. One perfect summer, Steve the Mod got his kicks with the beautiful but wild Jeanie – now life’s just giving him a right good kicking. Set in the troubled back streets of Belfast and the thrill-seeking underworld of Brighton, ‘Die Hard Mod’ is a fast-paced tale of lust, love, friendship and righteous retribution. Price includes delivery.
UK or Rest of World?: UK including delivery £7.49
Europe including delivery £8.49
Rest of World including delivery £9.49

Frankenstein Scooters to Dracula's Castle
Pre-order now, first 50 copies signed by 'Sticky' - 196 pages - 90 colour pictures - 210mm x 147mm - Soft Back - A scooter travel yarn by Martin 'Sticky' Round'. Available from March 30th 2014 in both paperback and eBook formats - ‘My family don’t do easy. Tracy and I ride vintage scooters: a Maicoletta and a Lambretta respectively, but not standard ones. Ours are unique, radically modified scooters fitted with motorcycle engines. Frankenstein’s monsters, built in a shed. ‘We are riding to Istanbul with our friend Dean on another Lambretta. Doing the trip one-up would be too easy, so his daughter is riding pillion and I’m taking my 11-year old son. ‘Straight to Turkey through Greece would be too easy. Instead we are going via Romania. We’ll stop off at Vlad the Impaler’s house on the way, to see if he can come out to play. I’ll bring a Frisbee…’ *** Sticky is a freelance writer, former editor of Scootering Magazine and best-selling author. This book is more than a travel journal; it’s the insightful out-pouring of a mind that’s been pickled in two-stroke fumes for thirty years. Sex, murder, war, politics and religion – all these are briefly glossed over, before the book moves to more important subjects. How can you cross a continent on a vintage scooter without the wheels falling off; and more importantly, what to do when that happens. Sticky proves that smaller wheels are no hindrance to adventure. In fact they help. Doing this on a motorcycle would be just too easy… Price includes delivery. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Frankenstein-Scooters-to-Draculas-Castle/251978358316742
Postage Uk or Rest of World:

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Friday on my Mind by Don Hughes....
The Mods were undoubtedly the first real multi-culturalists, combining Jamaican Ska, US Soul, British Beat, Pop Art Graphics, French Designs and Italian Suits and Scooters into a sensational style explosion that still reverberates today. They were, quite literally, the heart-beat of Swinging London. Now for the very first time, a working class insider spills the beans on what it was like in the eye of the style storm. A time and a place when a Vespa SS could take you to the centre of everything, to see The Who or The Birds - or a chat with Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Steve Marriott's Small Faces, John Stephen and Eric Clapton. Complete with unseen photos, rare graphics and authentic diary extracts. This book is intensely personal and a generationally epic, a real life QUADROPHENIA, from s man who was actually there...... - 2nd edition - Soft Back, approx 330 pages, A5 size - RRP 13.99 plus P&P.
Uk or Rest of World?: UK including P&P £16.99
Europe £18.99
Rest of World £19.99

Click for larger image
Friday on My Mind Pt2 - Pushin and Shovin
The sequel to "Friday On My Mind" takes the reader through the slow death of the first Mod movement and on into the stranger worlds of the 1970's with Peanuts, Mentals, Fizzy Boys and Punks. Along with the onset of the 1979 Mod Revival our narrator starts to get lost in the quicksand world of drink'n drugs in the 1980's. The true story of how he survived such dangerous times takes us through the last few chapters of the book. Complete with unseen photos the fast moving "Pushin & Shovin" completes a fascinating trip from the very heart of the Swinging Sixties to the start of the 21st century. Available by the end of April - First 50 copies signed by Don himself. Price inclusive of P&P
UK or Rest of World?: UK inclusive of P&P £16.99
Europe inclusive of P&P £18.99
Rest of World inclusive of P&P £20.99

Click for larger image
MOD - A Very British Style
MOD - A Very British Style - by Richard Weight - Hard Back,480 plus pages. Welcome to the world of the sharp-suited 'faces'. The Italianistas. The scooter-riding, all-night-dancing instigators of what became, from its myriad sources, a very British phenomenon. Mod began life as the quintessential working-class movement of a newly affluent nation - a uniquely British amalgam of American music and European fashions that mixed modern jazz with modernist design in an attempt to escape the drab conformity, snobbery and prudery of life in 1950s Britain. But what started as a popular cult became a mainstream culture, and a style became a revolution. In Mod, Richard Weight tells the story of Britain's biggest and most influential youth cult. He charts the origins of Mod in the Soho jazz scene of the 1950s, set to the cool sounds of Charlie Parker and Miles Davis. He explores Mod's heyday in Swinging London in the mid-60s - to a new soundtrack courtesy of the Small Faces, the Who and the Kinks. He takes us to the Mod-Rocker riots at Margate and Brighton, and into the world of fashion and design dominated by Twiggy, Mary Quant and Terence Conran. But Mod did not end in the 1960s. Richard Weight not only brings us up to the cult's revival in the late 70s - played out against its own soundtrack of Quadrophenia and the Jam - but reveals Mod to be the DNA of British youth culture, leaving its mark on glam and Northern Soul, punk and Two Tone, Britpop and rave. This is the story of Britain's biggest and brassiest youth movement - and of its legacy. Music, film, fashion, art, architecture and design - nothing was untouched by the eclectic, frenetic, irresistible energy of Mod. RRP 25.00 (Post Free UK)
UK or Reat of World?: UK- POST FREE £25.00
EUROPE including P&P £30.00
Rest6 of World including P&P £35.00

Click for larger image
Mod Chronicles Vol.1
Mod Chronicles Vol.1 - This is a Modern Life - The 1980's London Mod Scene. Complied by Enamel Verguren - Describes ten years of a Mod life, in London and throughout England from 1979 to 1989. Over 196 pages with Interviews of people directly involved, Illustrations with loads of flyers and posters, plus many photos and newspaper cuttings. One of the best Mod Books around. Price includes P&P
Uk or Rest of World?: Uk including P&P £17.49
Europe including P&P £21.99
Rest of World including P&P £24.99
Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock

Click for larger image
Mod Chronicles Volume 2
Mod Chronicles Volume 2 - I'm Not Like Everyone Else! The 1990's British Mod Scene. Excellent book with nearly 200 pages of Interviews, photos, articles and press cuttings and a history of Mod culture during the 90's. Very impressive easy to read book, you wont be dissapointed. Price includes delivery.
UK or Rest of World?: UK including P&P £17.49
Europe including P&P £21.99
Rest of World Including P&P £24.99

Click for larger image
Ska'd For Life - Horace Panter
Ska'd For Life - Horace Panter As base player in the Specials he was a member of one of the most innovative and exciting bands in the country. Horace takes through the early days on the punk circuit to 'ghost Town', which was released as the band was breaking up. Softback, 300pages price includes delivery.
UK or Rest of World?: UK £9.99
Europe £10.99
Rest of World £11.99

Click for larger image
The A to Z of Mod
The A to Z of Mod by Paolo Hewitt and Mark Baxter - 304 pages of everything Mod - Full Colour - Excellent Book - 125 x 190 mm Prices include P&P
UK or Rest of World?: UK including P&P £18.99
Europe Including P&P £21.99
Rest of World including P&P £24.99

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